Dianne Sullivan Morton was born in San Mateo, California, in 1965. As the daughter of a mortician, Dianne’s peculiar childhood offered glimpses of the recently deceased, especially when she visited her father’s workplace after school. Oddly, this never felt creepy or unusual; rather, such proximity to death nurtured a familiarity and curiosity for perhaps the most universal human experience—mortality.

As she grew up, Dianne was fascinated by photographs and how they depicted the world through others’ perspectives. This interest was further cultivated during her teenage years, when she learned and practiced the art of photography. While in undergraduate school, Dianne continued her love for photography as a hobby, while double majoring in Graphic Design and Technical Art. After graduation, she moved to New York City, embarking on a career as a graphic designer.

As an emerging fine art photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dianne blends thirty years of art experience with her passion for photography, perfectly marrying artistry and aesthetics. As a Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts Graduate of the Academy of Art University’s School of Photography in San Francisco, Dianne has created a visual autobiographical thesis series, Blue Pencils, which intertwines delicate, intangible elements of her childhood memories.